(chibi json)

A library for reading and writing data in JSON format (RFC 8259).

(json-read [in])

Reads a JSON expression from port in. Objects are represented as alists with symbol keys, arrays as Scheme vectors, null as the symbol 'null, and strings, numbers and booleans as the corresponding Scheme types.

(string->json str)

Returns the JSON representation of str as from json-read.

  (string->json "{\"mean\": 2.2, \"quartiles\": [1, 2, 3, 4]}")
=> ((mean . 2.2) (quartiles . #(1 2 3 4)))

(json-write json [out])

Writes a JSON representation of obj to port out, where obj should follow the same mappings as in json-read.

(json->string json)

Returns the string representation of json as from json-write.

(make-json-reader spec [strict?])

Returns a procedure of one argument, an input port, which reads a JSON object according to the specification spec, which can be one of:

If strict? is specified and true, raises an error if any unknown field names are specified in an object.


 (define-record-type Employee
   (make-employee name id title department)
   (name employee-name)
   (id employee-id)
   (title employee-title)
   (department employee-department))
 (define-record-type Team
   (make-team name lead devs)
   (name team-name)
   (lead team-lead)
   (devs team-devs))
 (define read-team
      (lead . ,Employee)
      (name . ,string?)
      (devs . #(,Employee)))))
 (define team
    "{\"name\": \"A-Team\",
      \"lead\": {\"name\": \"Hannibal\", \"id\": 321},
      \"devs\": [{\"name\": \"B.A.\", \"id\": 7},
                 {\"name\": \"Murdock\", \"id\": 13}]}")))
 (cons (team-name team)
       (map employee-name
            (cons (team-lead team) (vector->list (team-devs team))))))
=> ("A-Team" "Hannibal" "B.A." "Murdock")